How Can Holiday Stress Be Reduced? 5 Great Tips

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How Can Holiday Stress Be Reduced?
5 Great Tips

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It’s Jobee from Nutrition Breakthroughs. If you or someone you care about experiences holiday stress or insomnia during the holiday times, then these healthy tips will come in handy.

1. If you drink coffee, try to replace some of it with herbal teas such as chamomile, lemon balm or passionflower.  These are all proven to calm and relax and help with better sleep.

2. Do some regular, gentle exercise that you enjoy.  Some ideas would be walking, dancing, stretching or cycling. 

3. Spend some time outdoors and if it’s very cold, bundle up!  Especially if you spend a lot of time indoors in front of a computer screen, go outside and look at the trees, houses, clouds, buildings and other large objects. This helps the body and mind unwind and get some rest.

4. Turn off the TV, computer or cell phone at least an hour before bedtime.  The lighted screens of these electronics have been found to reduce melatonin levels in the body, which is a natural hormone that regulates the sleep and wake cycles.

5. Click on this video link to watch a helpful three-minute video on how to increase melatonin for better sleep naturally.  It has some great tips.

Here’s to your good sleep and good health,

Jobee Knight
Nutrition Breakthroughs
Maker of Sleep Minerals II
With highly absorbable minerals and vitamins for sleep

Frequently Asked Question #1 about Sleep Minerals II

Sleep Minerals IIGreetings to you,

Sleep Minerals II is an effective natural insomnia remedy from Nutrition Breakthroughs.  It is the original drug-free calcium and magnesium formula for relaxation and better sleep.  It contains powerful forms of these minerals in combination with vitamin D and zinc.  The ingredients are formulated in a softgel with healthy oils, making them more quickly absorbable than tablets or capsules and providing a deeper, longer-lasting sleep.

Frequently Asked Question #1:

  1. Can I continue to take my regular calcium and magnesium supplement, or the calcium and magnesium provided in my multiple vitamin/mineral when I start taking Sleep Minerals II?  Will I be getting too many minerals?

It is totally fine to continue to take your regular supplements.  These are generally taken during the day, whereas Sleep Minerals II is taken in the evening.  The calcium and magnesium in a hard tablet or a capsule is different than the form of minerals found in Sleep Minerals II, and is generally not absorbed as well.  So there isn’t a large chance of getting too many minerals.

The minerals in Sleep Minerals II are mixed with healthy rice bran oil and this combination forms a creamy paste inside the softgel.  This is why it is assimilated so well into the body and this makes it soothing and effective as a natural sleep remedy.

One thing that can happen if you take too many minerals for your system is your bowels may become too loose or you may become groggy in the morning.  If this happens, you can reduce your dose of Sleep Minerals, or take less than one softgel if you’re taking only one.  This is done by gently biting one end open and squeezing out half or less, and drinking it down.  It can also be spread on some food.  Save the rest in a baggie or other container.

Here’s to your good sleep!

Best of health,

Jobee Knight
Nutrition Breakthroughs

For more information, visit the Sleep Minerals II page.