4 Great Health Tips and ‘Joints and More’ Now on Amazon

Joints and MoreGreetings to you,

It’s Jobee at Nutrition Breakthroughs. Hope you and your family are staying healthy and doing good.

Today I’m happy to announce that our newest product ‘Joints and More‘ is available on Amazon. It helps with joint pain, stiffness, allergies, increasing energy and more. See some reviews for it below.

In the mean time, here are four select health tips for increasing your good health and well-being:

1. Choose healthy foods and increase vegetables and fruits that you enjoy. Eat healthy, preferably organic proteins such as grass-fed meat, wild Alaskan salmon and organic eggs.

2. Take a walk each day or a couple of short walks. This supports virtually every organ and system in your body to stay strong. Walking is also proven to help good sleep and remedy insomnia.

3. Take supplements that suit you. Some options are fish oil for reducing inflammation and supporting the eyes and brain. Another one is MSM to remedy joint pain, stiffness and aches, and also ease allergies and increase energy.

4. To reduce stress, take breaks to do artistic or creative things that you enjoy. When communicating with others, express things in a positive, upbeat way.

And now, a drum roll for the new product announcement. Our newest product “Joints health tips and More” with pure MSM is now available on Amazon.

Here are a couple of reviews for it:

R. Boulos of Houston, TX. says: “I’ve been taking the Joints and More supplement and it’s helping a great deal. After taking it twice a day, I notice that when I wake up in the morning the joint pain I was having in my front and back shoulders is almost gone.”

C. Drozdowski says: “After about a month of starting to take Joints and More my hair began growing like crazy. I figured if my hair was growing that fast, then maybe my nails would also. So I took my fake nails off and for the first time in my entire nail-biting life I have MY OWN nails! They are getting stronger with each passing week.”

To your good health,

Jobee Knight
Nutrition Breakthroughs

5 New Years Health Tips from Nutrition Breakthroughs

new year health tipsNew Years Greetings to you! Here are five New Year health tips for increasing your good health in the New Year:

1. Choose healthy foods: Increase salads, cooked vegetables and raw fruits.  Eat healthy, preferably organic proteins such as grass-fed meat, wild Alaskan salmon, organic poultry, sardines, and organic eggs.  For carbs, the healthiest ones are veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, yams, squash and potatoes.  Drink lots of pure water in between meals.

2. Take a walk each day, or a couple of short walks.  This supports virtually every organ and system in your body to stay strong.  It also detoxifies impurities and ease aches and pains.

Walking is also proven to help good sleep and remedy insomnia.  Scientists suspect that walking helps to set our biological clock into a consistent sleep pattern.

Walking can also help increase “endorphins”, which are protein-like chemicals made in the brain that can have a relaxing effect, a pain-relieving effect, and also reduce stress and increase well-being.

Exercise such as walking may also be one of the most effective ways to reduce menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and heart symptoms, according to a study from the Annals (Journal) of Behavioral Medicine.

3. Take supplements:  Fish oil helps reduce inflammation and supports the eyes and brain; digestive enzymes increase absorption of foods and reduce gas; MSM remedies joint stiffness and arthritis, and Sleep Minerals II provides calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D in some highly usable forms to support good sleep.

4. Reduce stress.  Take breaks to do artistic or creative things that you enjoy.  When communicating with others, express things, and receive communications from people in a positive, upbeat way.

Support for stress can be found in certain vitamins.  The adrenal glands are known as the “stress glands”.  Vitamin B-5, also known as pantothenic acid, is used by the adrenal gland as a key component to manufacture its hormones.   A deficiency of B-5 can result in impaired adrenal function and more physical and mental stress.

Regarding vitamin C, the highest amounts of vitamin C in the body are found in the adrenals and this vitamin is used to make all of the various adrenal hormones. When one is faced with stress, vitamin C is rapidly used up.

5. Look to the future.  We’ve all done some great things in this year just past.  Let’s acknowledge our best achievements and take pride in them, and then turn our sights toward the year to come.  It’s a new canvas to paint our dreams on, so take out those brushes and create some masterpieces worthy of your signature!

Yours in good health,

Jobee Knight
Nutrition Breakthroughs
Maker of Sleep Minerals II

Today’s Health Tip – Listen to Your Body

Greetings to you,

Many of us are seeking out ways to be healthier and have more energy.  One of the best ways to do this is to listen to your body.

How can one do this?  There are some specific ways and times that you can increase your awareness of the effects certain things are having on you.

1. When you eat certain types of foods, how do you feel afterwards?  If your energy is increased that’s a great sign.  If you feel more tired, your stomach aches, or you get heartburn, that’s a good time to examine what you ate and make some changes to create a better effect next time.

2. When you take nutritional supplements, try to add new supplements one thing at a time so you can isolate where any effects are coming from.  If it helps to energize you, that’s great.  Unless its a sleeping supplement!  In that case, take a smaller dose and see if it relaxes you instead.  A good natural sleep aid should help to relax you and also help you sleep sounder and longer.  If there are any after-effects such as grogginess in the morning, take less of the supplement or take it earlier in the day than bedtime, such as at dinner.

3. If you do exercises or take walks, etc. try to notice the effect it has afterwards.  A good exercise should not completely exhaust you or make your muscles overly sore.  If you have a muscle spasm or cramp, you can either reduce the amount of exercise next time, or increase the calcium and magnesium in your diet (or use supplements).

This health information is brought to you by Nutrition Breakthroughs, maker of the effective natural sleep remedy Sleep Minerals II.  Here’s to your good health and well-being.

Best regards,

Jobee Knight
Nutrition Breakthroughs