3 Healthiest Foods for Long Life, Stronger Joints and Better Sleep

healthy fatsThis natural health news is written by Nutrition Breakthroughs, maker of Joints and More and Sleep Minerals

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In the quest for greater health and the prevention of disease, people are looking more and more to the quality of the foods they eat and are seeking the healthiest foods. Fast food, fried food, sweets, and foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being replaced with healthier options.

Research studies are showing that food is more than mere nutrition to fill the stomach – it can ward off specific illnesses and lengthen one’s life.

The first of the three healthiest foods is the delicious almond. A recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that eating 1.5 ounces of lightly salted, dry-roasted almonds each day (about 35 almonds) reduces overall hunger, does not affect body weight, and helps people to meet their ideal daily intake of Vitamin E.

Another study that was published on consuming nuts appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine. It showed that people who eat nuts live longer than those who don’t. The study included 76,464 women and 42,498 men and found that the more times per week nuts were eaten, the greater the reduction in risk of death. As a note, those who ate more nuts had 29% less deaths from heart disease.

Wild-caught salmon is one of the healthiest foods on earth. Oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel were shown in a Swedish study to prevent the development of arthritis. The women in the study who ate just one serving of oily fish per week cut their risk of getting arthritis by an amazing 52%.

Fish and fish oils have both been shown to be a good arthritis remedy. One study from the Oxford University found that children who took fish oil supplements experienced better sleep at night, with fewer awakenings and nearly an hour more of sleep each night.

Regarding the use of fish oil for the health of the heart and arteries, a study was done at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York. Researchers there found that a diet rich in fish oils can prevent the accumulation of fat in the aorta, the main artery leaving the heart. The beneficial actions of fish oil that block cholesterol buildup in the arteries were found even when high amounts of fat were eaten.

Broccoli contains a potent rainbow of vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients. It is a cruciferous vegetable, meaning that it’s in the cabbage family. One key ingredient of broccoli known as “sulforaphane” has been shown to have anti-cancer benefits. The International Journal of Cancer presented a study of men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Those that consumed cruciferous vegetables had a statistically significant 59% decreased risk of prostate cancer progression.

Broccoli also contains a nutrient called indoles that can balance hormones by blocking excess estrogen in the body. This is important for women at the time of menopause when the level of progesterone drops to almost zero, while there is still estrogen present. An imbalance of hormones can contribute to menopause symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, irritability, night sweats, leg cramps, and mental depression.  Eating some raw broccoli a few times a week can help reduce the symptoms.

Broccoli should be eaten raw or lightly steamed in order to retain its higher levels of sulforaphane and provide the most health benefits. A study from the Netherlands showed that consumption of raw broccoli results in faster absorption and higher peak blood levels of sulforaphane compared to cooked broccoli.

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4 Great Health Tips and ‘Joints and More’ Now on Amazon

Joints and MoreGreetings to you,

It’s Jobee at Nutrition Breakthroughs. Hope you and your family are staying healthy and doing good.

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In the mean time, here are four select health tips for increasing your good health and well-being:

1. Choose healthy foods and increase vegetables and fruits that you enjoy. Eat healthy, preferably organic proteins such as grass-fed meat, wild Alaskan salmon and organic eggs.

2. Take a walk each day or a couple of short walks. This supports virtually every organ and system in your body to stay strong. Walking is also proven to help good sleep and remedy insomnia.

3. Take supplements that suit you. Some options are fish oil for reducing inflammation and supporting the eyes and brain. Another one is MSM to remedy joint pain, stiffness and aches, and also ease allergies and increase energy.

4. To reduce stress, take breaks to do artistic or creative things that you enjoy. When communicating with others, express things in a positive, upbeat way.

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Jobee Knight
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Vitamin C an Anti Wrinkle, Beauty Vitamin per Studies

vitamin cThere are certain foods that can greatly help the appearance of the skin; smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and easing skin dryness.

These include healthy proteins, especially oily fish like salmon, as well as quality fats like avocados, almonds and olive oil, and the vitamins A, B, C and E.

The famous Vitamin C can significantly enhance skin health and appearance and is becoming known as an anti wrinkle vitamin. It helps to increase collagen levels in the body, which is the body’s most abundant protein. Collagen acts to connect the body together and is found in skin, hair, nails, bones and muscles.

Vitamin C is not produced naturally in the body and must be obtained from sources like citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, berries and vitamin supplements. Collagen declines in the body after age 40 and can be depleted by a high sugar intake, fast foods and smoking.

In support of vitamin C as an anti wrinkle vitamin, a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition announced the results of researchers from the United Kingdom. They discovered that higher vitamin C intakes were associated with a lower likelihood of a wrinkled skin appearance and skin dryness. Vitamin C majorly improved overall skin appearance in a study of 4,025 women aged 40 to 74.

This health news is provided by Nutrition Breakthroughs, maker of Joints and More, which naturally increases collagen levels in the body and helps to create smoother skin, hair and nails – as well as helping to ease stiff, painful joints and other aches and pains.  For more information, visit the Joints and More page.

Office Stretches to Do at Your Desk – Great Chart

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It’s Jobee Knight at Nutrition Breakthroughs.  I came across a useful chart of office stretches that can be done at one’s desk.  It may come in handy if you ever find yourself with stiffness, aches or lower back pain.  Feel free to forward it on to friends and family.

Here are the rewards of it:  Incorporating office stretches into your desk routine can offer numerous health benefits, both physical and mental. Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk can lead to stiffness and muscle tension, and regular stretching helps counteract these effects.

One of the primary advantages of desk stretches is improved flexibility. Stretching the muscles and joints increases their range of motion, reducing the risk of injuries and promoting better posture.

Office stretches are great for alleviating muscle soreness and tension, especially in areas prone to tightness, such as the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Tension in these areas is a common result of prolonged sitting and can contribute to discomfort and decreased productivity. Simple neck stretches, shoulder rolls, and seated twists can effectively release built-up tension, promoting relaxation and comfort throughout the workday.

Putting stretching breaks into your days at the desk can enhance circulation and reduce feelings of fatigue. When muscles are regularly stretched, blood flow improves, delivering oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to tissues and organs.

This increased circulation not only helps in preventing muscle stiffness but also boosts overall energy levels and mental alertness.  Enjoy the chart and put it to good use!

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