Studies: Magnesium Benefits Insomnia, Hot Flashes, Heart

magnesium benefitsStudies: Magnesium Benefits Insomnia, Hot Flashes, Heart and Bones

What qualities make magnesium such an essential mineral, required by the body for literally hundreds of its functions?

One key feature of magnesium is that it’s a partner or “co-factor” with enzymes that allows them to do their work.

Enzymes are energized protein molecules that initiate chemical reactions inside the cells – orchestrating life’s processes in every organ, gland, tissue and cell.

Research studies are finding that magnesium affects over 300 processes in the body, relaxes muscles and nerves, and helps insomnia, hot flashes, heart health, bone strength, diabetes, migraine headaches and more.

According to the Human Nutrition Research Center of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, one of the main symptoms of magnesium deficiency is chronic insomnia, restless sleep and frequent awakenings during the night. In one of their studies, a diet high in magnesium contributed to deeper sleep with fewer interruptions.

Another study from the University of Medical Sciences in Iran was done with 46 adults who were experiencing insomnia. Two magnesium tablets twice a day (250 mg. each) resulted in significant increases in sleep time and reduced cortisol levels in the body, which is a stress hormone that can keep people awake.

Hot flashes and night sweats are common symptoms of premenopause and menopause. Regarding magnesium for menopause, a study was done at the Virginia University Health System. Women who experienced hot flashes many times per week received 400 milligrams of magnesium for 4 weeks — increasing to 800 milligrams per day if needed. At the end of the study, the magnesium supplements had reduced their frequency of hot flashes by half. Fatigue, sweating, and distress were also significantly reduced.

Magnesium is also magnificent for the heart. In a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, research scientists examined data from thousands of women over the course of a 26-year follow up period. The women who consumed the highest amounts of magnesium had a 34% reduced risk of sudden cardiac death. Another study from the journal “Circulation” found that magnesium supplements allow people with heart disease to exercise for longer times and it actually helps repair the ability of blood vessels to open up.

Supplements with well-absorbed forms of magnesium are becoming increasingly popular for those with insomnia. One of the more effective sleep aids is Sleep Minerals II from Nutrition Breakthroughs. It contains calcium and magnesium in combination with vitamin D and zinc. The minerals and vitamins are formulated in a softgel with healthy oils; creating a creamy paste inside that results in quick absorption and a deeper, longer-lasting sleep.

Kimberly B. of Troy, Michigan says: “I have been taking Sleep Minerals II for about a month now. I have tried everything out there and this supplement is amazing. I have suffered with insomnia for 2 1/2 years. I have also had restless leg syndrome my entire life and this is the first relief I’ve ever had…gone for a month now.”

Magnesium is one of the super-heroes of natural remedies. This health news is shared by Nutrition Breakthroughs, maker of the original calcium and magnesium based sleep aid Sleep Minerals II. For more information on the many benefits of magnesium and calcium, visit the Sleep Minerals II page.