Study Shows Eating Avocado Benefits the Waistline

avocado benefitsStudy Shows Eating Avocado Benefits the Waistline

A new analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey revealed that consuming avocados may give us a smaller waistline.

Avocados contain healthy plant fats that can provide a refreshing sense of fullness and satisfaction. Besides contributing to a smaller waist, some of the other avocado benefits discovered from the study include a better quality diet and nutrient intake, less sugars eaten, a lower body weight, and higher “good cholesterol” levels.

The study results were published in the Nutrition Journal.  Those that ate the avocado had an average of half a medium size avocado daily.  Here are the detailed findings from the study:

  • Avocado consumers had significantly higher intakes of certain important nutrients including 36% more dietary fiber, 23% more vitamin E, 13% more magnesium, 16% more potassium and 48% more vitamin K than non-consumers.
  • Avocado consumers also had significantly higher intakes of “good” fats and total fats (11% more) than non-consumers, although average caloric intake of both groups was the same.
  • Avocado consumers had significantly smaller waist circumference measures than non-consumers (an average of 4 centimeters smaller).
  • Avocado consumers weighed significantly less than non-consumers (an average of 7.5 pounds less).

Avocados are great when eaten in slices on a sandwich, on top of an omelete, mixed with other vegetables in a guacamole or tossed into a protein shake.

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