Top 8 Ways to Supercharge your Immune System

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There’s an informative chart below that has the top 8 ways to boost your immune system  What exactly is the “Immune System”?  The body’s immune system protects us against disease, germs, viruses and microorganisms every day of our lives.  Some of the parts of the immune system are the tonsils, spleen, and bone marrow (where white blood cells are made).

Usually the immune system does a great job of protecting us from illness and disease.  Sometimes a lack of sleep or exercise, chemicals in foods, toxins in the environment, excess sugar, or prolonged stress weakens it.

Regarding white sugar, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that when healthy volunteers consumed a large amount of sugar, their immune system’s white blood cells had an impaired ability to destroy bacteria for at least five hours.  One healthy alternative is whole raw fruit, which makes great desserts and snacks.  Enjoy the chart below and put it to good use!

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