Awards Nutrition Breakthroughs as a “Top 3 Nutrition Website”

TrendLists is a website that reviews Internet sites in many different categories and comes up with the best three on the web in each area. Every conceivable category of interest is included. Nutrition Breakthroughs has been chosen as a “Top 3” website in the category of Nutrition Websites. According to “This is a 100% unbiased and handpicked Top3-list of the top Nutrition Websites. First of all, my editors do a lot of research and pull together a massive list of the top 100 Nutrition Websites.”

“When that’s done they try to narrow it down to only three sites which will be included in the Top3-list. This is not the easiest thing but they look for quality factors, user value, and of course also diversity when selecting the best Nutrition Websites.”

Jobee Knight, President of Nutrition Breakthroughs says: “This is a great honor and we thank TrendLists for selecting us. We designed this site from the beginning to be informative and helpful by featuring articles and studies on natural remedies that are proven to work. We prefer people use healthful solutions as opposed to drugs. Our “History of Nutrition” page is the #1 site on the web on this topic and our insomnia remedy Sleep Minerals II, with absorbable calcium and magnesium, is used worldwide by people who prefer natural insomnia remedies to sleeping drugs.”

Kimberly B. of Troy Michigan says: “I have been taking Sleep Minerals II for about a month now. I have tried everything out there and this supplement is amazing. I have suffered with insomnia for two and a half years and have had restless leg syndrome my entire life. This is the first relief I’ve ever had…it’s gone for a month now.”

The TrendLists web site describes their process of selection and their purpose for making people more aware of nutritional information. “The Nutrition Websites listed … are hand picked by our editors and they are all trusted and very good Nutrition Websites. Staying fit and healthy all boils down into one single most important factor – nutrition. If people know what they are eating and what they can get from the food that they eat, then they will become more conscious and knowledgeable about food. And as a result they would eat right and become fit and very healthy in the process.”

TrendLists says this about the Nutrition Breakthroughs website: “There is a part here that focuses on women’s health and there is also a portion that is just for men. The nutrition dictionary that can be found here is really very good since people can check it any time for reference.”

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Six Tips to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep During the Night

Some people as they approach middle age may find it more difficult to stay asleep during the night.  This may be due to the decline of hormones in the body, such as estrogen in women or testosterone in men.  They can fall asleep okay and the first part of their night is fine, but at around2:00or3:00 a.m., some find themselves habitually awake and unable to get back to sleep.  Here are some sleep tips that may help:

1.    Use a black eye mask to cover your eyes and use earplugs to keep the noise out.  A dark, cool room is most ideal to help the body produce melatonin, the hormone produced by the brain which helps to regulate sleep and wake cycles.

2.    Get some sunlight by taking a walk during the day.  Being out in the sun will also set your wake-sleep cycle in a good way.  Additionally, the exercise and body movement helps with a better, more restful sleep at night.

3.    If headaches or tension are keeping you up, try using some magnesium.  One German study found that 42 percent of the people taking magnesium reduced the duration and intensity of their migraine headaches.

4.    For women that experience hot flashes and night sweats during the night, take some extra steps to keep yourself and your bedroom cool at night.  Wear lighter bedclothes, use less blankets, and you can also use a slightly damp washcloth on your forehead or neck.

5.    Calcium is directly related to our cycles of sleep, therefore highly absorbable calcium and magnesium supplements are effective.  The pioneering nutritionist Adelle Davis advises that during pre-menopause or menopause, the lack of estrogen and progesterone can cause severe calcium deficiency symptoms to occur such as irritability, leg cramps, insomnia, hot flashes and night sweats.

6.    It can work well for some people to take a calcium and magnesium supplement before bed.  These minerals are natural relaxants that can carry one through the night better, and with less sleep interruptions.   Softgels that use natural oils mixed with the minerals are more fully absorbed.  These should have a 2 to 1 calcium to magnesium ratio (twice as much calcium as magnesium).

An example of an effective mineral-based insomnia remedy is Sleep Minerals II by Nutrition Breakthroughs.  This natural sleep aid contains absorbable forms of calcium and magnesium, the best minerals for sleep and insomnia, heart health, restless legs syndrome, bone strength, and menopause insomnia.  The formula is delivered in a softgel form with healthy carrier oils, making it more quickly absorbable than tablets or capsules and providing a deeper, longer-lasting sleep.

Richard P. of Parkville, Maryland says: “The Sleep Minerals are making quite a difference.  I was regularly waking up at around3:00 a.m.and after a few days use my sleep improved quite a lot. I wake up once a night to go to the bathroom, but the great thing is, I then fall back asleep and sleep several more hours.  This has been a great improvement.”

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