Good Tips for Pain-Free Posture at the Computer

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Below is a great chart for learning and keeping good posture at the computer and for staying pain-free while working — things we can all use in this Internet Age!

For example, your eyes should be at the same level as the top of your computer screen in order to avoid eye strain.  And your head should be about a foot and a half away from the screen.  This will keep your neck and shoulder muscles more relaxed.

Keep your elbows at your side and your arms parallel to the floor.  Then position the keyboard so you can reach it comfortably without moving your elbows.  This keeps your back and wrists stable and less strained.

Slant your hips a bit forward so you’re sitting on the bottom of your thighs, rather than your tailbone.  If you find yourself slouching in your chair, scoot forward a few inches to take any stress off the tailbone.

Keep your feet flat on the floor and if they don’t reach, use a box or other platform to support them.

And remember, it’s not all about posture only while sitting, but its equally important to stand up and stretch and take breaks to walk around at least every hour to keep things moving and healthy in your body!  These breaks are important for your muscle and bone health, as well as that of your heart and other organs.

A standing desk is another good option as it can be used to stand up 50% of the time while working.  This is a sure-fire way to counter any ill-effects from a sedentary lifestyle.  If a standing desk is not in the budget, you can always stand in front of your desk and put the keyboard and monitor on boxes or other stands.

You’ll need a wider box to hold both the keyboard and the mouse.  And while you stand, its a wonderful opportunity to do a little walking in place while working.  Tilt the monitor up as needed in order to reduce any neck or eye strain.

Enjoy the chart below and here’s to your good health while sitting, standing and stretching in the office!

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good posture at computer

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