Study Shows Yogurt Protects Against Dietary Toxins and Pollution

From WorldHealth .net

In many developing nations, environmental toxin exposure can occur by means of dietary sources.  The National Institute for Medical Research (in Tanzania, East Africa), reports that the healthy organisms in yogurt may reduce the uptake of food-based heavy metals and toxins. The health benefits of yogurt extend far beyond increasing stomach and intestinal health.

The researchers enrolled 60 pregnant women and 44 school-aged children, residing in a region of Tanzania known for high environmental pollution.  The participants consumed a yogurt rich in the Lactobacillus rhamnosus organism for 19 days.   Among the pregnant women, the yogurt protected from mercury uptake by up to 26% and arsenic by up to 78%.   The study authors urge that: “Food rich in healthy organisms.… represents a nutritious and affordable means for people in some developing countries to counter exposures to toxic metals.”

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