Vitamin D Reduces Inflammation (aches, pains) and helps Immunity


Researchers at National Jewish Health have discovered specific molecular and cellular events by which vitamin D inhibits inflammation, aches, and pains in the body. In their experiments, they showed that low levels of Vitamin D, comparable to levels found in millions of people, failed to inhibit the inflammatory response in the body, while levels considered adequate did inhibit inflammatory signaling (a chain response in the body). They reported their results in the March 1, 2012, issue of The Journal of Immunology.

Here are some findings from the ScienceDaily article:

Through a complex series of experiments, the researchers identified a new location where vitamin-D appears to bind directly to (cellular) DNA and activate a gene…..that ….interferes with the inflammatory chain response in the body.

“This newly identified DNA-binding site for vitamin-D …, and the specific (inflammation) pathways inhibited by higher levels of vitamin D provide a plausible mechanism for many of the benefits that have been associated with vitamin D,” said Dr. Goleva.

Comments from the blog author Nutrition Breakthroughs:

Vitamin D has been found to be beneficial for many health conditions such as increasing calcium absorption, strengthening bones, increasing immunity and reducing cancer risk. According to the National Institutes of Health, vitamin D might additionally play some role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, glucose intolerance, multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions.

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