Studies on Essential Fatty Acid Benefits and a Great Chart

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Included below is a fascinating chart with a wealth of info on essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are natural, healthy fats the body cannot make on its own — hence the term “essential”.  These are called Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats.  Omega 3 fats are things like salmon and other fish, fish oil, olive oil, avocado, seeds and green vegetables.

Omega 6 fats include vegetable oils like safflower oil and corn oil, as well as mayonnaise, fried foods, dairy and beef.  Many people eat more Omega 6 fats than Omega 3’s and when the balance between the fats becomes imbalanced, many health problems can occur.

One study of people with dry eyes was recently published in the journal “Cornea”.  They were given a daily dose of fish oil and flax oil.  At the end of the 90-day study, 70% of the participants with dry eye had no symptoms and also had an increase in tear production and volume.

In a recent study from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, researchers in Norway proved that eating salmon has a positive impact on good sleep and overall daily functioning.  In this study, 95 males were divided into two groups: one that ate salmon three times per week, and the other group that ate an alternative meal (chicken, pork or beef). During the 6 month study period, their quality of sleep was measured in several ways including the amount of time needed to fall asleep, and the actual time spent sleeping in bed vs. their time awake.

The results showed that eating fish had a positive impact on sleep in all the ways it was measured. The researchers mentioned that fish is a source of the amino acid tryptophan, which is a precursor for melatonin, and that other studies have found tryptophan in foods increases sleepiness in the evening. The fish group also reported better daily functioning, alertness and performance.

Regarding arthritis, in the journal “Proceedings of the Nutrition Society,” researchers analyzed several controlled trials of fish oil for arthritis.  The trials showed a reduction in tender joint counts and a decreased use of anti-inflammatory drugs with fish oil supplementation.  An important research note was that anti-inflammatory drugs can adversely affect the heart.  Fish oil is known to have a direct, positive effect on the heart.

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