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A Message from the President of Nutrition Breakthroughs

Thanks for visiting our site and feel free to stop by often for the latest natural health news. Our purpose is to provide you with valuable nutrition information that is based on scientific research and is easy to understand. Your improved health and well-being is our goal.

My name is Jobee Knight and I am an active independent nutritional researcher. I consider myself lucky to have experienced firsthand the healing benefits that natural products can offer, and I founded Nutrition Breakthroughs to bring these benefits to as many other people as possible. A team of able technicians support me in the management of this site.

In the past, I’ve enjoyed writing on many different topics for national magazines and newspapers. I’ve completed courses in public writing. Some of my greatest rewards have come from professional nutritional writing. I attended Pierce College in Woodland Hills California. Here is a link to one of my articles that was published on Medical News Today.

Here’s to your ever-increasing health, energy and vitality and may it support and fuel you to the achievement of all your dreams.

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