Remedy for Insomnia in Teenage Girls

Study Shows Insomnia in Teenage Girls Increases When Periods Begin:
                         Natural Insomnia Remedies Can Help

THE STUDY: A study in the Journal of Pediatrics has found that the changes of puberty can create substantial risk for the development of insomnia.  The researcher's data came from a random sample of 1,014 adolescents who were 13 to 16 years of age in the city of Detroit Michigan.

RESULTS: A total of 88% of adolescents with a history of insomnia reported that they also currently had insomnia. In an exploratory analysis between insomnia and puberty development, the onset of menstruation was associated with an increased risk for insomnia that was three times greater. There was no difference in risk for insomnia among girls before menses onset (menstruation) relative to insomnia in boys, but a difference emerged after menses onset.

CONCLUSIONS: Insomnia seems to be common and chronic among adolescents. The often found gender difference in risk for insomnia seems to emerge in association with the onset of menses in girls.

NATURAL REMEDY: Teenagers are a special breed, having to face all the challenges of being in an in-between stage of life; not quite a child anymore and not yet an adult.  Along with an acceleration of social interests and activities, they also sustain accelerated physical growth and increased nutritional needs.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 90% of teen girls and 70% of teen boys aren*t getting enough calcium. Their bones are growing the fastest during the teen years and they need more calcium than at any other time of life.  This calcium deficiency can translate into irritability, nervous tension, hyperactivity and insomnia.

Due to a deficiency of crucial minerals at the teenage time of life, calcium and magnesium supplements can be an effective sleep remedy.  One natural insomnia remedy that*s gaining in popularity for all ages is Sleep Minerals II from Nutrition Breakthroughs.  It contains highly absorbable forms of calcium and magnesium, as well as Vitamin D and zinc, all combined with natural oils in a rapidly assimilated softgel.

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