How to Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better – a Great Chart

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I’ve included a great chart for you below that has some proven tips on getting a good night’s sleep each night.  There are only two tips it’s missing: Taking a walk each day, and using some absorbable calcium and magnesium before bed.

Studies at the University of Arizona found that walking more than six blocks a day at a normal pace significantly improved sleep at night.

Regarding minerals, a study called “The Nutritional Relationships of Magnesium” discusses the differences between calcium and magnesium and their effects on sleep.  The type of insomnia associated with a calcium deficiency causes difficulty with falling asleep.

The classical sign of magnesium deficiency is insomnia characterized by falling asleep easily, but awakening frequently throughout the night, with individuals finding themselves tired even after several hours of sleep.

This health news and the chart below is brought to you by Nutrition Breakthroughs, maker of the original calcium and magnesium based sleep aid Sleep Minerals II

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Jobee Knight
Nutrition Breakthroughs

Provided  to you courtesy of Sleep Minerals II

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