Vitamin D Reduces Inflammation, Helps Immunity and Sleep


Researchers at National Jewish Health Center in Colorado have discovered specific ways that Vitamin D inhibits inflammation in our cells.  Millions of people have been found to have low levels of Vitamin D in their blood.  In this current experiment, these inadequate levels failed to stop the chain reaction of inflammation in the body.  On the other hand, levels of Vitamin D considered adequate did prove to inhibit inflammatory reactions, and the higher the levels, the better the inflammation was handled.  These results were reported in the March 1, 2012, issue of The Journal of Immunology.

Here are some excerpts from the ScienceDaily article:

Through a complex series of experiments, the researchers identified a new location where vitamin-D appears to bind directly to (cellular) DNA and activate a gene…..that ….interferes with the inflammatory cascade (chain response).

“This newly identified DNA-binding site for vitamin-D …, and the specific (inflammation) pathways inhibited by higher levels of vitamin D provide a plausible mechanism for many of the benefits that have been associated with vitamin D,” said Dr. Goleva.

Comments from the blog author Nutrition Breakthroughs:

Vitamin D has been found to be beneficial for many health conditions such as increasing calcium absorption, strengthening bones, increasing immunity and reducing cancer risk. According to the National Institutes of Health, vitamin D might additionally play some role in the prevention and treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, glucose intolerance, multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions.

Due to the fact Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium, it can assist the relaxing minerals such as calcium and magnesium to be even more effective as insomnia remedies. Sleep Minerals II from Nutrition Breakthroughs is a powerful natural sleep remedy that contains absorbable forms of magnesium and calcium, as well as Vitamin D.

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Magnesium Lowers Blood Pressure, Study Suggests – from ScienceDaily

Elevated blood pressure or hypertension is a major risk factor ….from cardiovascular and renal (kidney) disease. Causes of hypertension include (but are not limited to) smoking, sedentary lifestyle, a diet high in sodium and an inadequate intake of other minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

“Until now, there’s been inconclusive evidence regarding the effect of magnesium supplements on blood pressure,” said Lindsy Kass, Senior Lecturer and registered nutritionist at the University of Hertfordshire. “So we conducted an ….analysis by analysing data from twenty-two trials involving 1,173 people to assess the effect of magnesium on blood pressure.”

In the trials, the magnesium supplementation doses ranged from 120 to 973 mg with between 3 to 24 weeks of follow-up. Although not all individual trials showed significance in blood pressure reduction, by combining the trials, the overall data indicated that magnesium supplementation reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure — with the best results observed at the higher dosages.

Comment from the blog author Nutrition Breakthroughs:

According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, magnesium deficiency can also contribute to insomnia. Their web site says that:

“Researchers have found in both human and animal studies that magnesium deficiency results in sleep disturbances, such as agitated sleep and frequent periods of awakenings. This has been related to changes in electrical activity in the brain. It looks like magnesium is important for a good night sleep.”

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